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About Digital Cinema Destinations Corp

Digital Cinema Destinations CorpDigital Cinema Destinations Corp., or Digiplex, transforms traditional movie theaters into centers for digital entertainment and education. With digital technology, the company’s theaters can deliver live content carefully targeted to local audiences. Digiplex allows theatergoers to experience concerts, plays, and sporting events with stunning visuals and sound. The experience leads to an involved audience and attracts a new demographic to theaters in a time when many moviegoers choose to stay home and “wait for the DVD.” Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. evolves the cinema into a destination for a total viewing experience, not just the latest movie.

New York’s Metropolitan Opera House (“the Met”) regularly makes its performances available on the screens of Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. theaters. The one-time screenings allow audiences throughout the Northeast to experience opera at the Met at an affordable price and without the hassle of traveling to New York. During the summer of 2012, select operas from the previous season will be available for re-screening at Digiplex theaters. For an opera lover, sound quality is paramount, so Digiplex provides significant value over staying at home and watching the opera on television.

Concerts and sporting events also lend themselves to Digiplex screenings. The theaters have screened concerts by artists ranging from the Wiggles to the Who. During 2012, Digiplex even hosted the opening performances of the Drum Corps International Tour and two live boxing events. The company’s theaters gave residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut the opportunity to see live performances from around the world.

The same technology which brings performances from the Bolshoi Ballet and Lincoln Center to American movie screens also lends itself to corporate meetings and seminars. Companies can spare the expense of bringing employees to a site for conferences by allowing remote participation from a Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. theater. Attendees can enjoy the excellent sound and viewing conditions, comfortable chairs, ideal climate control and delicious concessions while improving their professional skills.

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